My name is Pavel Langweil, and Rainbow Creatures is a brand I created in 2005, dedicated to provide innovative yet easy to use and fun software. I've been working on a wide range of stuff for the past 25 years of being around computers. You'll find here some of my work packaged into products, services, links to my past or present projects. Have fun!

PSD to Facebook app

For three years I've been focusing on building, using and improving a platform for exporting Photoshop designs into Facebook apps automatically. This export script with simple proto-language used in layer naming, standard plugins such as galleries, input form, custom fonts and more allow me to translate PSD design into Facebook app rapidly. If you need a whitelabel contest or app quickly up, please read on.

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Capture videos in AIR/Flash

Did you ever need to create video out of image sequence in AIR/Flash? Or perhaps to capture animation, sounds, webcam, in realtime. FlashyWrappers SWC / ANE libraries allow you to do that: capture video inside your Flash / AIR application. Mixing MovieClips, sound, microphone, webcam or Stage3D into a single video. No media server needed as all encoding is happening in the Flash Player. Realtime capturing is also possible thanks to multithreading support.

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My past projects

Over the past 10 years I've been taking on various projects, various positions from head of the project to an external programmer. My work ranges from games promoting Tour de France / LYNX spacecraft to virtual worlds, Facebook contest platforms being used by brands such as MediaMarkt, America Today, Orange and developing (and finding publisher for) my own top-selling computer game.

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